Welcome to Echo Forest. A beautiful forest filled with life and cats! Cats once lived here in peace but one day, a cat named Leaf decided to make a group.....a clan.
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PostSubject: Rules (READ ME BEFORE RPING)   Fri Aug 05, 2016 6:05 pm

1. No Powers

2. No Having huge events without asking me

3. No OP cats

4. Only cats

5. Don't be a mary sue

6. No prophecies without my permission

7. No mating or +18 content or cursing. This is a kid friendly site.

8. No spamming

9. No roleplaying if you haven't had your character accepted in the Character Sign-up

10.No doing: Clover:*Climbs up the mountain* Wow this is hard. Do: Clover climbs up the mountain and sighs "Wow this is hard"

11: No creating topics, they will be removed if you do and you will get a warning.

12: If you are part of a clan, you must have it to your personality. Like if you were part of Flameclan, then you love battle or like to fight.

13: No Unrealistic Fur colors. (Bright pink,purple,ect.)

14: No Characters from the books or Ocs that are related to the cats from the books. (This is a alternate universe. The cats from the books don't exist in this world)

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