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 **The Escapes**

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PostSubject: **The Escapes**   Sun Oct 02, 2016 1:52 pm

Alrighty, so this role play is about dogs and humans. There is one leader who can turn into a human and dog! and there is one leader on the human side that is... only human. Haha, alright so, the dogs capture the humans, and they have to escape every time their caught, or else their-- *death noise*. Alrighty! you can 6 characters, 3 humans, 3 dogs! (And yes, one of the dogs can be a traitor and be one of your humans pets)

BIO (example)

Name: Annabelle
Surname: Cryolix
gender: Female
Age: 24
Usual Clothes: Black leggings & black and white striped shirt
Hair Type & Color: Black hair, short & curly
Skin Type & Color: Tan/clear skin, one freckle on her left arm
Eye Color & Type: Normal Amber eyes, wears mascara
Side: Humans
Role: Leader
Personality: Forgetful, Trusting, Caring/Loving, etc.
Talents(optional): She can run really fast
Weapons(optional): Her fist and feet
Relationships: Has a relationship with a dog named Hercules(best friends)
Backstory: She was born and raised in a town called Saint Charles', her father died of a stroke, and her mother lives with her step-dad Derek.She has 6 siblings, 2 little siblings live with her parents, and the others are out of state.

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Your Turn!

Usual Clothes:
Hair Type & Color:
Skin Type & Color:
Eye Color & Type:

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PostSubject: Re: **The Escapes**   Wed Oct 12, 2016 3:33 pm

I don't get it
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PostSubject: Re: **The Escapes**   Mon Oct 17, 2016 10:45 am

Name: Dust
Surname: He doesn't have one
Gender: Male
Age: 5 yrs(Human)
Fur Type & Color: Short, rough, shaggy, dust brown
Eye Color: A fall yellow
Side: Dogs
Role: Leader
Personality: Jerk, Stubborn, Bold
Strength: 96%
Stamina: 10%
Speed: 20%
Extra(Optional): His back left leg has a limp. He is covered in scars. I made him in wolf quest so if possible he is a wolf is not husky.
He was born with his limp even though being the first born. His brother Earth was very protective of him, this led Dust to be laid back and relaxed.
When he and his brother grew up and left they were both flirty and girls often fell for them.
That was until they asked about Dust's limp. Dust was very honest back then and always told them the truth: He was born with it.
He soon realized that no girl wanted there to be any chance of her family line being riddled with limps.
Soon he left his brother.
He ran across another she-wolf, but she was different and so was he.
They were very similar. They both were independent, strong and aggressive. Her name was Dawn.
He ended up with another wolf who he took care of even though he found her extremely annoying.
He moved to the city and lived in an alley.
He spent more time with Dawn until she stopped talking to him.
He learned after years of thinking he had done something wrong she had found a mate.
He lashed out, 'asking' why she thought it was best to leave him thinking that he did something wrong then just tell him.
He pushed everyone out after that. He often just laid in his bed and cried.
When he found this opportunity he took it.
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PostSubject: Re: **The Escapes**   Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:20 pm

Huh, WOLF QUEST YEAHHH Sorry wolves are meh favorite animal WaaaaaHAHAHAAA
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PostSubject: Re: **The Escapes**   

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**The Escapes**
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